Ongoing Projects

The Kempner Family CDC has a number of ongoing projects that we organize, finance, or generally support.  Since our mission is to help build the community, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to serve our city and community.

Park Cleanup

The Sylvia Tucker Memorial Park is open daily and is a beautiful park.  We try to get out a few times a week and pick up the extra trash people leave behind to keep it beautiful.  

Local Food Bank Support

The Kempner United Methodist Church hosts a food bank for families in the area once a month.  We provide food and gifts for them as well as Christmas gifts in December.


Once a year, we work to put on the only annual festival for out city.  In 2020, we paid for several vendors, including our local KVFD, we paid for the band, and we gave away prizes for cookie and BBQ competitions.  

Internet Infrastructure

We partnered with HyperFusion Technologies out of Burnet, TX, to buy fiber cabling for the greater Kempner area.  They have providing high-speed wireless communication to our area for many years, with multiple towers across Kempner, now we want to get Fiber internet to the people as well.

Carter BloodCare

We started the first blood drive in Kempner in 2020, and will have hosted 4 such blood drives by the end of this year.  We partner with Carter BloodCare, one of the most well-known and respected providers in the area, to provide blood donations to support area hospitals.

Local Charities and Events

We are constantly supporting local charities and non-profits with fundraising events.  From donations to our Fire Department, to supporting toy drives, we help when we can.

Upcoming projects

These are projects in development.  Because they are still in development, more details will not be released to anyone not in the planning committee.

  • KempnerFest 2021
  • Community Event Center
  • Summer Fun Day 2021
  • Park Safety Measures